Today I present, little known facts about the Glock (and, especially the Glock 17.)  Glock is our pistol of choice (duh,) and for good reason.  Here are just a few things you never knew about Glock (unless you looked it up before you read this, you educated thing you.)

  • The Glock 17 is not the 17th design of the Glock, it’s actually named for the 17th patent that Glock held.  Most of his earlier patents were the rods, knives, and camera parts that he’d worked on so far.


  • More than 65% of U.S. Law Enforcement agencies use the Glock 17.  In fact, military and law globally often turn to the Glock 17, over 60 countries cite the 17 as their military sidearm.


  • In 1985, the US Government asked for Glock to show them samples, as they were looking for a replacement for their current sidearms.  Glock declined, citing the Americans wanting to re-tool the gun and have 35 samples ready under a ridiculous deadline.


  • Gaston Glock, the inventor of Glock, was not a gun manufacturer, he was a chemical engineer who specialized a process called ferritic nitrocarburizing, a process that diffuses nitrogen and carbon into metals, which thereby harden the material.  Mr. Glock produced hardened steel knives, rods, and other weapons for the Austrian military out of his garage.


  • Mr. Glock was one of the first to use this on ‘plastic’ polymers – creating the incredible, dense, reliable pistol we know and love today.  His employees and first users were camera manufacturers who used the hardened polymer for camera parts.


Bonus: Glock was not the first polymer frame pistol, in 1970 H&K had a polymer striker fire pistol.


I hope you learned something today.  I did.  Check out our hardened polymer holster for your Glock 17, g19, g22, g23, g31, and g32

Drop Leg Glock Holster CQC Carbon Fiber Paddle style


And as always, have a great week.