The current jam in custom Glocks is stippling.  Stippling adds depth and a unique look to the grip, as well as actually improving the grip in your hand.  But it looks like crap.  Half the time it looks like Sharon Stone used her ice pick to poke random holes in the sleek polymer grips.  But not anymore.  Move over Sharon (in that skirt, one leg at a time,) because laser stippling has taken over.

The Future of Glock Customization, Laser Stippling

Literally the most beautiful stippling I have ever seen from Molon Labe Engraving

Laser cuts mean precision made dents, offering a symmetry and accuracy the human hand often can’t replicate.  Even if it could, in the hours it would take for a person to hand mold this DragonSkin, the laser could be done in a matter of minutes.  Watch this impressive video for a detailed look:


Mmmm, sexier than Basic Instinct.

In conclusion, start shopping around.  Laser stippling is becoming more and more widely available to customize your Glock.  And send us your pictures – we want to see that sexy grip in action.

As always, have a great weekend!