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    • Made from durable nylon
    • Fits your Glock, any model, and works with revolvers and semi automatics
    • Rigid platform slides between mattress and box spring
    • Bedside access to your pistol
    • Almost all handguns compatible with this universal fit holster
    • Durable and clean HawkTex  on the mounting platform provides added stability
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    • Tritium lamps don’t rely on batteries
    • Sapphire casing protects against scratches and solvents
    • Fits all Glock models besides 36
    • Protective aluminum cylinders and rubber casings protect from shock and recoil.
    • Dots increase accuracy up to five times in night and low light conditions
    • Iron sights precision engineered for Glock
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    Designed specifically for military and civilian works, the BDS universal holster module can fit any Glock model.  It also fits Beretta 92, HK USP, and USPCs.  It’s been carefully designed for use with several different weapon systems, including those with lasers, illuminations, and sights.

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    Among the best Glock mag loaders for, the UpLULA magazine loaders have been tried and true for years.  UpLULA specializes in high-quality, resilient loaders for all shapes and sizes of magazines.